SOE's Top Candle Tips

Candle Care

Okay candle LovErs, if you want to get the most out of your La Fréquence candles, this one’s for you. We’ve put together with a few important tips and tricks to keep these lighting up your world in a safer and more efficient way!

1, Ensure you are burning your candle safely

There are a few factors to keep in mind here, if you are a regular candle burner, make sure your candles are based on heat resistant surface. Remember that placing a hot candle on a cold surface could also cause the vessels to crack. Check on your candles and do not burn for more than 3/4 hours at a time. This should be more than enough time to fill your space with our yummy smells and frequency. Be sure to let the candle cool for two hours before relighting.

2, Candle care

To really get the most out of your candle, trimming the wicks is essential. By trimming the wicks to around 1/8” your candles will burn more efficiently, so they can continue to light up your world for a little longer. Only trim the wicks when the wax is solid and be sure to dispose of the wick residue before relighting your candle.

Before your first burn, ensure the wicks are trimmed to the same length.

3, The first burn

The first time you light your candle, try to let it burn for a couple hours until the pool of wax reaches the edge of the glass. This will reduce the risk of the candle burning down the centre causing you to miss out and essential burning time.

4, Keeping it centred

Keeping the wicks in the centre of your candle will reduce the risk of the vessel getting too hot and potentially cracking. Once you have blown your candle out, wait for the wicks to cool and wiggle them towards the centre if they seem out of place. The straighter the wick, the longer your candle will last!

5, Saying goodbye

We know the feeling of getting to the bottom of our favorite candle, but it is important to know when to say goodbye. Industry standard safety measures suggest that when there is around 1/2” of wax left, you should stop burning.

Above all, never leave a burning candle unattended and always make sure that you are lighting them in a safe place!