La Fréquence ~ Christed Candle
La Fréquence ~ Christed Candle
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La Fréquence ~ Christed Candle

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Introducing the limited edition, La Fréquence “Christed” candle.  The blend of frankincense, incense, cedar and black pepper are reminiscent of a holy temple. “Christed” creates an environment of sweet sacredness, perfect for any alter or sacred space.

Our candles are handcrafted from 100% veggie soy wax, essential and natural fragrance oils and handpoured “in house”, meaning in my home. The La Fréquence candles are not only beautiful candles, but an experience, intended to invoke emotion and connection. With that intent, I have encoded my voice, intention and love for you into molten wax to create these candles. Which when lit, releases into the very air you breathe. While the candles were solidifying, I personally chanted over them and a recording of the chant, which was recorded at 639 hz, which helps balance the heart chakra, enhancing communication, understanding, tolerance, LovE and empathy, continued playing throughout the drying process.


With the purchase of this candle, you will receive a scannable code to find the chant it was created with, so that you may create your own personal ceremony and prayer ritual. My intent for the chant that accompanies the candle is that it be utilized as a prayer to call in the miracles that are already here and on their way to you and me. 

Fill: 13 fl oz
Frequency: 639 hz
Height: 4.1”
Width: 3.75"


***Candle Ships Separately From Apparel. Please be advised that the candles may be subject to import fees which are outside of our control on international orders. Shipping may take a little longer during this time, please refer to your tracking number for estimated times.***

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