La Fréquence ~ "Mother of Mercy” Candle
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La Fréquence ~ "Mother of Mercy” Candle

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The 2023, limited edition “Mother of Mercy” La Fréquence winter candle is here! The alluring scents of mountain pine, white birch, myrrh and black pepper create a grounding aroma, that’s enlivened by a hint of spice and a touch of sweetness. “Mother of Mercy” is sure to bring warmth and comfort into your home during these winter months.
The first or lowest frequency, 396 Hz, is associated with the tone ‘Ut’. This frequency is important because of its ability to ease and remove the feelings of guilt and fear we’ve accumulated throughout our life. Clearing them from our subconscious mind enables us to make new progress in both the physical world and in our spiritual consciousness. The 396 Hz frequency can influence the mind so that we spend less time wrestling with grief and worry and more time experiencing the joys and endless possibilities of life.
With the purchase of this candle, you will receive a scanable insert of the chant it was created with, so that you can create your own personal ceremony and intentional prayer. “Mother of Mercy” is a chant to help us remember the power of redeeming grace and deep forgiveness, for ourselves, for others, for the world. 
Fill: 13 fl oz
Frequency: 396 hz
Height: 4.1”
Width: 3.75"


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